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Welcome to Aquarium World 

At Aquarium World you are guaranteed to find quality products at affordable prices. We stock a wide range of products ranging from fish food, live plants, fish tanks, tank accessories, live fish and much more. We carry a wide range of tropical , cold water and native fish. Always sourcing extreme and rare fish for the real fish enthusiast. If it’s something you’re after that we don’t have in stock; we’ll try our best to order it in for you. We provide expert advice on aquarium maintenance, treatment and setup. Discounted package deals are always available, so come and visit Aquarium World for some great $$$$avings!!


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We invite you to visit us...

Let us take care of all your aquarium needs and more. Feast your eyes with the beautiful assortment of fish and tanks on display. Drop by Aquarium World today for a complete description of all our products and services. 

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